About Biara Cafe

Biara Cafe Proprietors, Roy and Jill Ketjen.

Jill and Roy Ketjen came to Biara Cafe (previously Stickybeaks) in 1998 after 7 years at the old Breakers Kiosk on Cottesloe Beach, where Roy was part owner. Roy is very much hands-on at Biara Café, while Jill is active behind the scenes and has also works part- time as a nurse.

While Biara Café has changed over the years, it remains Perth's favourite family café. The vast majority of the clientele are parents and grandparents with toddlers, although the café is also popular with walking or cycling groups, businesspeople in nearby West Perth, and of course the growing number of tourists visiting the famous park.

Biara Cafe and the adjoining Ivey Watson Playground are part of the Kings Park Poolgarla Family Area, managed by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

The Ivey Watson Playground is enclosed by fencing, so that carers can easily keep an eye on their children while enjoying the café. Thanks to its perfect location in Kings Park, Biara Café also has plenty of space for older kids to run and cycle, or for large family picnics - all catered for!

Catering is available for functions at nearby venues, such as corporate or social events in West Perth.

The cafe opens onto the Kings Park Community Shelter, which is very popular for children's parties. Again, Jill and Roy are happy to cater for those groups with forward booking.

Essentially though, Biara Café is a casual drop-in café, ideal for young families. The coffee is excellent too!